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Why is this a thing?


I believe micro-controllers are too easy to use, and too sensible.
The world needs a more confusing Arduino.


A standard Arduino, with a Atmega328p SMD processor, in a format that makes it impossible to breadboard, and hard to use.
It could also be used as a tiny boomerang.
Boards produced by


Buy one from me, then use the built in USB support for programming with the Official Arduino IDE.
You will need to install these Cheap Chinese Drivers


What can the WTFDuino do?


Photos of the WTFDuino

Getting Started

In just 47 easy steps

Not Open Source!

Because that would make life easier...

Purchase a WTFDUINO

ONLY £15!

Cheaper than an Official Arduino!

Sorry! not currently for sale

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A one-man team.

Calum Knott

Lead unDesigner

Hello! My name is Calum Knott, I am a Programmer and Robotic/Electronic Engineer.
I design software, hardware and generally enjoy anything to do with computers. I'm currently working for Middlesex University as an academic assistant. I also sometimes Freelance.

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